d'artwear Compression Capri "Celeste" Yoga Crossfit Running P90X Toughmudder Blue

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Be DARing. Be BOLD in these SUPER soft, microfiber d'artwear leggings in the "Celeste" pattern. d'artwear is wearable art - it's beauty is in it's individuality, it's lack of perfection and the OCD fashion rules it breaks with complete gusto. It's got tons of personality and "WOW" factor. And there's nothing out there like it. Our products are show stoppers, so be prepared; our customers get stopped a LOT!

Our compression clothing line utilizes a buttery, 4-way stretch, microfiber fabric to keep the body tight and firm a la "Spanx"  style. Many of our customers wear our clothing post-surgery to replace the horrible compression garments given to them by their physician.These run true to size so if you are looking for extra compression, you should order 1 size smaller.

The "Celeste" leggings are designed to visually color block the saddlebag area, minimize the tush and lengthen the leg from the front. From the side, it's a beautiful feminine view! Pair these with a tank or Tee in the "Celeste" pattern to give yourself an hourglass impact at work, a marathon, yoga or just chillin.



• Fabric content is 82% polyester/18% spandex and fade-resistant dyes.

• Imported fabric but the rest is PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. Your d'artwear purchase supports local artisans and businesses!

• Our 4-way stretch microfiber fabric keeps all your bits and pieces firm tucked but feeling oh-so-silky.

d'artwear is a small, independent studio. You are purchasing wearable ART. Each piece of d'artwear is custom-sewn for YOU so please be advised that patterns will vary slightly with sizing AND that there are no exchanges for sizing issues. You should double check sizing charts to ensure you are ordering the correct size! Please consult our return policies in our FAQ


d'artwear Sizing Chart