d'artwear Yoga Capri

d'artwear Yoga Capri "Gabi"

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Be daring and bold in these SUPER soft and unbelievably comfortable d'artwear capri fitness leggings in the "Gabi" pattern.d'artwear is wearable art - it's beauty is in it's individuality, it's lack of perfection and all the rules it breaks with complete gusto. It's got tons of personality and "WOW" factor. And there's nothing out there like it. Our products are show stoppers, so be prepared; our customers get stopped a LOT!

Artwork patterns are applied with an artist's eye, not a run-of-the-mill Designer's eye. We're interested in how the pattern helps the eye move along over the body beautiful. "Gabi" is a full-throttle legging for the woman who just doesn't give a damn about rules and - large or small - believes every single inch of her is worthy of being celebrated.That was Gabi and here it is on her namesake leggings! Pair these with a hot pink tank for maximum impact at Crossfit, Pilates, Zumba or just chillin. The tongues will wag and aren't you worth talking about?


Production Time: 7-13 business days
USA: 4-10 business days
International: 7-20 business days


Length 26.4 26.8 27.2 27.6 27.9
Waist Girth 23.6 25.2 26 27.6 28.4
Hips Girth 25.6 27.2 28.7 29.9 31.5
Your Height 5'3 - 5'5 5'5 - 5'7 5'7 - 5'10 5'10 - 6'3
*Sizes are in Inches