About d'artwear:

d'artwear was born in 2012 when my eldest daughter, Gabi, came home from school one day and announced that everyone at her high school was wearing something called galaxy leggings. She dragged home her friend, Becca, who was wearing them just so she could show me a pair. She then proceeded to beg me to put one of my paintings on a pair of leggings for her. So I did. I found a manufacturer and ordered a small sampling of custom printed leggings in her favorite painting; Phoenix rising. And thus d'artwear was born.

The first run of d'artwear was rudimentary. I had no design skills at that time -- just trying to apply an entire painting across the body. And the fabric was limited in what could be printed. It did not feel like a quality product on the skin. But it's what we had to work with and Gabi didn't care - she wore them proudly anyway.

We've come a LONG way since then! The line is now comprised of beautiful, unique designs comprised of top quality fabrics from US manufacturers. The high performance 4-way stretch microfiber fabrics afford the wearer the best of both worlds: compression and superior comfort! Colors stay dynamic and it's buttery soft on the skin with little to no slippage.


About Denyse:

Professionally, Denyse is former executive and self-taught watercolor artist who simply began doodling "a la coloring book" style in 2010. The response to my creations were so surprising and overwhelming that a full-fledged career as a professional and commercially viable artist sprang up. My achievements with watercolor are attributed to simply not knowing any better. As a result of a lack of training, I developed my own unique solutions to build up pigment to achieve intense watercolor saturation and a joyful sense of lighting.

Personally, I'm a nationally emerging artist and single-mother living with a drive that just doesn’t quit. My friends will tell you that I find humor in everything and approach every situation with an upside-down, inside-out perspective. Which on paper translates into happy works with a bright, bold sense of color.