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d'artwear is a small, female artisan owned and operated studio that sources US manufacturers (preferably women owned!) to turn my watercolor paintings into dynamic, empowering products. I'm an artist and like my work, my marketing strategy is 'outside the box' and empowering. I choose to support my customers' pockets rather than writing fat checks to anonymous giants like Google or Facebook every month for advertising. It's a win-win that focuses on and supports commerce at a grassroots level.

How it Works:
When you sign up for the AmbassaDAR program, you can literally start earning income in just a few minutes. We use LeadDyno software that tracks your communication chain via your unique AmbassaDAR number. So when you spread the word via social media, blog, newsletter, email etc and someone in your audience makes a purchase  - you make a commission! LeadDyno even has a dashboard for you to track your sales and commissions. You'll be happy with the extra income, your audience will be happy you introduced them to such a unique, dynamic line. Another win-win!

For the Serious AmbassaDAR:

You can take d'artwear to a different level; you can turn it into a career. AmbassaDAR's are not limited to online sales. They can set up at event & fairs, have home shows, display at fashion shows, etc. The possibilities are endless and rely solely upon how creative and serious YOU want to get about your income. Contact us for more information on AmbassaDAR wholesale pricing.

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