"Celeste" Fine Art Prints
"Celeste" Fine Art Prints

"Celeste" Fine Art Prints

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Original watercolor painting, "Celeste", by Denyse Dar is part of a Celestial Cosmos series that Denyse channeled in 2011 which oddly coincided with the pro-ported end of the Mayan Calendar and the entry into the next "Yuga" or age. The series documents the unprecedented astronomical alignments that would have an effect upon the earth and its inhabitants.This painting was a time stamp of the sun's magnetic pole flip that would then trigger behavioral and magnetic changes in the solar system's other planets.

With the exception of Spectral World and Celeste, Denyse's celestial paintings are sold exclusively through the WooWoo Girls. Visit their website for more of the collection. Available in fine art print, acrylic and metal in a h of standard framing sizes. Don't see the size you need? No problem, simply contact us for pricing and details!

About Print Choices:

Giclee: french printing process for ultra-rich prints on superior 190lb matte cotton art paper that looks and feels like watercolor paper. Archival.

Acrylic: the silver standard in fine art reproductions. Printing on 3mil acrylic offers a stunning luminosity that no paper-print could ever achieve. Virtually indestructible and requires no added expense of matting or framing.

Metal: the gold standard in fine art reproductions. Printed on 1/8" sheet metals with an end product that will enamor the eye! Virtually indestructible and requires no added expense of matting or framing.

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